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Michael ZC Li, MD, MSc, MBA, has over 25 years of experience in the medical, nutrition, and natural health products sectors in Asia Pacific and North America with expertise in R&D, clinical trials, technology assessment, new product development, commercialization, business and market development as well as strategic planning. He has worked as a general physician and held various positions and project management roles in a number of private, public and multinational companies including H.J. Heinz, Chai-Na-Ta, UBC Life Sciences Centre, National Research Council Canada, and Zuellig Group.
At the University of British Columbia, Li currently serves as an Adjunct Professor in Food, Nutrition & Health. He has also been active in volunteering in a number of charitable and professional organizations such as the World Eye Organization (President, Canada Operations) and Canadian Health Food Association (NHP Regulatory Advisory Council). Li is the past Vice Chair of Monte Jade Science & Technology Association Canada and Co-founder of Western Canada Functional Food & Natural Health Product Network.
Li earned his medical degree with honors at Jinan University. He also holds a M.Sc. in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia and an MBA in Strategic Management from Sauder School of Business.
Dennis VC Awang, PhD, FCIC, was head of Natural Products in Bureau of Drug Research in Health Canada where he directed research in support of the regulatory bureau of the Drugs Directorate till retiring. He was for many years the official spokesperson in natural medicine for the Canadian government.
The author of over one hundred research and scientific publications, Dr. Awang has been author and member of numerous editorial advisory boards of peer- reviewed scientific journals and newsletters, as well as regular lecturer and media commentator on medicinal plant/natural products science. He is a member of the American Botanical Council (ABC) Advisory Board, and has served on the USP Advisory Panel on Identification and Standardization of Natural Products and the faculty of Columbia University's annual course on Herbal Medicine for physicians and surgeons. Dr. Awang has also served on the External Advisory Committee of the University of Illinois at Chicago/U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Botanical Dietary Supplements Research Center (BDSRC), and as Chair of the Advisory Board of the NIH BDSRC of Purdue University - University of Alabama. Dr. Awang was recently appointed Co-editor for North America of the journal Phytomedicine.
Dr. Awang was granted the Martin de la Cruz award by the Mexican Academy of Traditional Medicine for distinguished contribution to medicinal plant research in 1994. He received his BSc and PhD from Queen's University, and did postdoctoral studies in organic chemistry at the Universities of Michigan and Illinois. 
David Kitts, PhD, is a professor and Director of the Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH) Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Dr. Kitts teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Food Chemistry, Functional Foods, Advances in Food Chemistry and Food Toxicology. His areas of research also specialize in the disciplines of Food Chemistry, Toxicology and Nutrition. He is a former president of BC Food Technologists and one of the founding directors of BC Functional Food and Nutraceuticals. Dr. Kitts has served on many national committees that have worked to develop standards for nutritional labeling and nutritional claims. His research is focused on the production, or development, of food products that are safe and nutritious. Research activities in the past and present include the identification of potential toxicants in foods and evolution of processes for removal or inactivation from the food supply. In addition, active current research interests include characterization of antioxidant structure-functional activity of several bioactive plant and animal products and evaluation of potential physiological responses of bioactive components in foods. The determination of both chemical and biochemical activities of antioxidant end-point measures has been used as a parameter for assessing structure-activity relationships of different bioactive components for evaluating standards of evidence for affinity and safety. 
Prof. Kitts obtained his BSc, MSc and PhD from UBC, and completed his postdoctoral studies at the University of California, Davis. 
George Simpson, Pharmacist, is a pharmacist by profession and is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. He has over 50 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical and natural health product industries. Most recently he has served as Executive Advisor and Plant Manager at the Rhema Group. He also held senior technical and management positions with several multinational pharmaceutical companies including General Manager and Quality Control Director of Quest Vitamins, and Vice-President of Plant Operations at Stanley Pharmaceuticals. George brings extensive knowledge and expertise in quality assurance, quality control, validation, GMP audit and compliance, plant design and construction, as well as operations. 
Xinsheng Yao, PhD, is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is a professor at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Tsinghua University and Jinan University. He is also an honorary and visiting professor in 19 universities in China, Taiwan and Japan. Prof. Yao currently co-chairs the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and acts as an evaluation member for the Chinese government's Natural Science Foundation. 
Prof. Yao, has been a dedicated teacher and researcher of the medicinal chemistry of natural health products for more than 50 years. As the inventor of 36 patents and chief editor of The Chemistry of Natural Products, Structure Elucidation of Organic Compounds, and The Elucidation of FT-NMR Spectra, Prof. Yao has published over 250 scientific papers. In addition, he has been a contributing editor and associate chief editor for a number of scientific journals, including Journal of Asian Natural Products, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicine World, Journal of Chinese Prescription Drugs, and Journal of Chinese Traditional Medicine. 
Prof. Yao served as president of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University from 1996 to 2002. Presently he serves as honorary president of the School of Pharmacy and director of the Institute of Natural Product and Natural Products Chemistry at Jinan University. He also serves as director of Shenzhen Research Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Products. Prof. Yao is a committee member in 9 national key laboratories in China for new drug research, natural medicines, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences. 
So far a total of 15 national and international awards have been granted to Prof. Yao for his scientific contributions. Prof. Yao received his B.Sc. in pharmaceutical sciences from the Northeast Pharmaceutical University and his PhD in pharmacognosy and natural product chemistry from the University of Tokyo. 
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